Platterful Charcuterie Kit

I was sent a sample demo of a charcuterie kit from Platterful and figured I’d give it a go! This is a non-sponsored post and I’ll be giving my honest opinion.

The pack they sent me is their large kit, and it seems that every kit sold they donate 10 meals to kids in need. Included was a variety of cheese, meat, condiments and accompaniments like olives nuts and chocolate. This pack didn’t come with a board or platter but it looks like you can order them with. I have a tonne at home so it wasn’t an issue for me, but I guess keep that in mind if you’re thinking of gifting one to someone.

What was included in my box

The kit comes with a card that explains what’s included and on the back tips and tricks on how to arrange your board.

I’ve made a million cheese platters in my time so I tried to follow their instructions for fun! I will probably never attempt a salami rose again though 😂

Step by step!
Looking pretty good!

All in all I’d say it’s a fun little kit. I had a few bits of fruit from a platter I had made last week (nice timing!). Everything was packed well, arrived in great condition and I enjoyed the variety provided.

I’d say as an occasional thing it may be worthwhile to purchase a single kit but I personally couldn’t see myself subbing to something like this. Maybe if you entertain a lot, or hold a monthly club etc it may be useful. The product is lovely and I highly recommend it if you’re a charcuterie addict and can see yourself eating a platter a month!

3 thoughts on “Platterful Charcuterie Kit

    1. Yeah! I personally like planning them myself but for someone who maybe isn’t comfortable or overwhelmed by it or maybe has mobility issues, I could see it being helpful. Or as an alternative to a holiday gift basket?

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