Tavva Kitchen Review! Bento time.


It’s bento time! I was sent one of these lovely boxes to try from Tavva Kitchen and I couldn’t resist since I’ve been making bentos and cute lunches for my husband. If you didn’t notice, you’d better follow my instagram!


I grabbed their deluxe lunch container, it’s a cute single level stainless steel box with a silicone lid, they come in different shapes and sizes as well. Their label states that everything is food grade and bpa/bps free. Dishwasher safe and a lifetime guarantee. Not bad for a container that we generally look at as a temporary vessel. It’s sturdy, the steel doesn’t feel flimsy or like I’m going to dent it in any way. The lid is thin but strong feeling enough, and grips around the rim of the steel bottom, I don’t think it’d pop open very easily and is as well sealed as most plastic containers.


It says leak free but I wouldn’t put soup or anything liquid in these, best for sandwiches or bentos. Not to mention you cannot microwave in this. It’s fairly deep, and good for a healthy portioned lunch or snacks. As you can see I’ve fit about 1 cup of cooked rice, veg, half an egg and a few ounces of pork.


Personally I like this, and it’s useful for those times where I feel like I can’t adequately fill a two level bento. Seems a good investment if you’re avoiding plastics and making bento boxes or healthy meal prep.

Steel can sometimes stain or corrode (even stainless steel) I haven’t put anything acidic in this or washed it a few times, that’s generally when you know if it’s good or not but they definitely feel sturdy and higher quality. I’ll keep an eye on it and update in the future if anything changes, but so far so good!


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